Newsletter – February 2020

By February 16, 2020Nursery News

Daily Life In The NurserySo 2020 has finally arrived!  We’ve been immersed in this funding roll out for so long, I can’t believe it’s finally here.  So what does that mean for you?  From August 2020 you’ll be entitled to 1140 fully funded hours of Nursery provision once your child turns three.  Here at Clarkston, you can have Mon – Fri, term time, 9am till 3pm.  And lunch and snack are included in that for all three year olds!  We’re taking bookings for August spaces now – and we’re off to a great start with more than half our available spaces already booked.  Reserve your wee one’s space by contacting Alana on – quite an exciting time in Early Years Provision!

Outward Bound

We’ll shortly be starting an Outward Bound programme here in Clarkston.  This will mean a small group of children will have a block of six weeks, one day a week, of going to the local park during Nursery time.  They will be able to observe nature, build dens and take part in energetic play.  The skills they’ll learn are amazing – problem solving, managing risk – the list is endless.  Heather Nolan will be starting with some of the children from the Square group, so look out for your permission slip.  We’re planning to take snacks and some hot chocolate with us for those children going in the winter weather.  So please dress the children for the weather – wellies, waterproof jackets, and scarfs and hats for cold days.  Any questions at all, just get in touch.  That goes for all of the wee ones actually.  They should have the right clothes for spending a part of the day outside. Thanks in advance.

Open Morning

Now we’re at the start of term two, we’d like to invite you in to take a look at your child’s folder.  Come in for a coffee and see what they’ve been learning about in nursery.  The wee hall will be open for you at drop-off time on Monday 24th of February.  I hope to see you there.

Children’s belongings

Can I ask you all to make sure your wee one’s name is on their belongings please?  So, jumpers, shoes, jackets, bags, lunchboxes etc. – saves mix-ups at the end of the session.  And please try to dissuade children from bringing their own toys into the playroom.  I’d hate for them to get tidied away with our things and then your child is left missing their treasured possession!