Daily Life In The Nursery

Our children enjoy structured learning and play tailored to the needs of the individual child.

Our Day

Welcome Time

Doors open at 9:00am. After children sign in, children will start Welcome Time at 9:30am. They will join their key worker’s group for our welcome song and registration. The Golden Rules are talked about and they discuss the day ahead. Welcome Time takes a similar theme for our afternoon children with the session beginning at 12:00pm.

Active play in Hall 1

This forms the main part of the children’s nursery day. There are a variety of well planned and balanced activities on offer to provide a stimulating experience and promote learning across the curriculum. Staff interact with individuals and small groups to support and enhance the children’s learning experiences.

Snack Time

This is a free flow snack which children can access between 10am and 11am. As part of our healthy eating plans and following nutritional guidance, snack time comprises of either milk or water and a selection of fruit followed by toast, crackers or oatcakes. Special dietary requirements are accommodated. Water is always available for all children.

Active play in Hall 2

There will be an adult led activity in the smaller hall. This type of activity will involve the nursery staff planning, organising and leading and activity that requires supervision. Adult lead activities allow children to develop their language through adult interaction and learn new skills and concepts .

Lunch Time

Lunch is served in the small hall each day at 12.30pm.  This is a convivial time with children sitting and talking with their peers and staff as they enjoy their choice of lunch.

We follow the nutritional guidelines set out by the Scottish Government in Food Matters and Setting the Table. Menus are sent out in advance to parents and children choose what they want to eat when they arrive in nursery each morning.

We’re always looking for new ideas, so send us your family favourites and we’ll see if we can incorporate them into our menu.

Tooth Brushing Time

We participate in a tooth brushing programme. The nursery will provide each child with toothpaste and a toothbrush labelled with their name.

Group and Song Time

We end the session with a whole group time and songs, rhymes, drama or stories.
This provides the opportunity for reflection on the day.

Garden & Outdoors Activity

Children have access to the garden every day.

We also run an Outward Bound initiative to the local park which all children will have the chance to take part in. It’s essential that when it’s your child’s turn that they arrive in the nursery dressed for the weather. It can be muddy at the park, so wellies are essential! We go out in all weather except for high winds or lightning.

Ethos, Values and Curriculum

Our values of integrity, equality, respect and happiness is reflected in our vision.

We offer an experience through which children can realise their individual potential in a safe, caring, stimulating environment which meets their individual need.

Offers breadth as well as depth


Challenges children


Enables children to make progress and choices about their learning


Is coherent and relevant to children


Is, above all, enjoyable for children


Our son absolutely loves going to Clarkston Nursery which reflects the caring, nurturing and fun environment that Maureen and her team have achieved. All the nursery teachers are fantastic in listening to each individual child and working alongside them to assist in their development. One thing that amazed me when picking up our son is that all the teachers know the childrens names, which really adds to the community sense of the nursery.


Maureen, the manager, is amazing and encourages a warming community for the parents as well as actively pushing through what she believes is right for the parents and children. I am so happy with the nursery and can't believe how much Zac has learned.
Zac still talks about all the planets, which one is his favourite, and that we live on Earth! Impressive for a 3 year old!

If you are considering the nursery I wouldn't look any further than Clarkston Nursery. I can't speak highly enough of the nursery, how well it is run, how happy I am, and most importantly how happy Zac is in the nursery.


Clarkston Nursery is such a caring and nurturing environment. You are always listened to & every effort is made to ensure that your child & their family feel they are a part of everything. My favourite activity was Sports Day as it was great seeing the kids, staff & parents all having a part in their child's learning. The staff work as a real team & are all interested in your child. It is a happy place to be.