Our Vision

To offer an experience through which children can realise their individual potential in a safe, caring, stimulating environment which meets their individual needs.

Our History

The history of Clarkston Nursery goes back to 1967 when a small group of mothers set up Clarkston Playgroup. Initially set up in their houses they finally secured accommodation in Clarkston Halls and was formally constituted in May 1968. The Playgroup then moved to Williamwood Parish Church hall in 1975. In partnership with East Renfrewshire Council the playgroup could allow children’s funding provision to be used and in 2015 the Playgroup changed its status to Clarkston Nursery in recognition of the quality of education offered by qualified and enthusiastic staff.

At The Heart Of The Community

Clarkston Nursery is a vibrant community resource which offers parents a real chance to get involved with the life of the nursery. We have an advantage that we only cater for up to 31 children in a session. This means your child will be known well by every member of staff in the nursery, they will be nurtured, supported and encouraged to be the best version of themselves, both socially and educationally.

We offer the same curriculum as all other nurseries within East Renfrewshire, and all staff are fully qualified with our Child Development Officers First Aid trained. In addition, our staff, as well as being educated bring a wealth of ‘life experience’ to the nursery – there is no substitute for that.

The nursery is thrilled to obtain a grading of 5 (very good) for Quality of Care and Support for Children at our last inspection in November 2018.  We strive to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for children and their parents/carers.  More information can be found in the Clarkston Nursery Inspection Report 2018

Previous reports – Clarkston Nursery Inspection Report 2016

We are always looking for ways to improve the nursery and have detailed our priorities in our Improvement Plan Parents Leaflet 2023-24.

Our Aims

To work in partnership with the child, parents and other relevant bodies


To place the child at the centre of all we do


To recognise the individuality of each child and meet their needs on an individual basis


To provide a holistic experience which will set children on the path to being confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens