Newsletter – October-November 2023

By December 16, 2023Nursery News

Newsletter, September – October 2023

Tuesday 19 Sept – Coffee Morning

You are invited to join us for a coffee in the small hall first thing in the morning.  You’ll have a chance to meet some other parents, look at your childs folder and have a quick chat with their key worker.  We hope to see as many of you there as possible – we’ll even buy biscuits!!

Friday 22 Sept – Monday 25 Inc.

Nursery will be closed on the Friday and Monday for the September weekend.  Have fun if you’re heading off somewhere nice!

Tuesday 10 Oct – Nursery photos

Stark photography will be in nursery during the morning session to take individual and group photos of the children.  If your wee one doesn’t come on a Tuesday but you’d like them to be included in the picture, come along around 9.45 and we’ll make sure we squeeze you in!

Monday 16 – Tuesday 24 inc – October week and in service day

We’ll be closed on the above dates for the half term holiday – again, have a great time if you’re heading off.  We’re also closed on the Monday for an in service day.  All staff will be busy topping up our 1st aid qualifications with a refresher course.

Sunday 29 October – Halloween Party!

We’ve still to firm up details around times etc, but our nursery Halloween Party will be taking place in the afternoon of the above date in St Aidens Hall just down the road.  Details of tickets etc to follow.

Change of clothing

When you’re packing your childs bag for nursery, can you ensure you put in a change of clothing – including shoes please?  We don’t want the wee ones to be uncomfortable if they get wet in the garden or have a toileting accident.  Thanks so much everyone.


Remember, Caroline is always looking for ideas to widen the lunch repertoire!!  Let me know your family favourites and we’ll see if we can find a way of working them in to the rolling menu.

Family Learning

Do let me know if you’ve any skills or hobbies you’d like to share with the children or the other parents.  We’ve got the small hall at our disposal most mornings and it would be lovely to host some wee workshops to get you all more involved in the setting.  Give it some thought and let me know your ideas.