A Partnership With Parents

Clarkston nursery is a registered charity run by parents.

Our Parent Committee

Clarkston Nursery is a community nursery that is run by a Parent Committee. The committee is formed of parent volunteers who are responsible, along with the manager, for ensuring the nursery meets it’s aims.

The Parent Committee hold regular meetings and all parents are invited to attend.

Find out who the Parent Committee are for 2019-2020 and what they do.

Chair of Parent Committee
Emma Merriman
The Chair of the Parent Committee will work closely with the Nursery Manager and the rest of the committee to ensure the smooth running and success of the nursery.
Carla Kerr
Reliable and organised, the Treasurer oversees the nursery’s financial affairs.
Katie Ayaz, Amanda Buckley
Our fundraisers are extremely creative and enthusiastic in raising the vital funds for the nursery, providing greater opportunities for all the children who attend.
Nicola Bartlett
Nicola will work closely with parents to ensure the correct fees are paid on time. She will calculate, for each parent, their monthly fee, based on their child’s attendance at the nursery.
Karen Blair
The Secretary is the organised one of the group with good organisation and communication skills to keep us well informed.
Waiting List
Claire Carr
Claire is the main point of contact for registration enquiries. She will provide parents with all the necessary information they need and help set up induction days.