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“Our son absolutely loves going to Clarkston Nursery which reflects the caring, nurturing and fun environment that Maureen and her team have achieved. Since attending Clarkston Nursery our son has developed massively, not only in terms curricular progression but also in confidence, reasoning and social interaction. There is a clear structured learning environment in the nursery which is delivered through fun activities and group play which our son has thrived upon. All the nursery teachers are fantastic in listening to each individual child and working alongside them to assist in their development. One thing that amazed me when picking up our son is that all the teachers know the children’s names, which really adds to the community sense of the nursery. There are also fantastic events that the nursery arranges, that even the adults can take part, such as Christmas parties and the famous Clarkston Nursery Halloween party. We are absolutely delighted to be able to send our son to Clarkston Nursery and will hopefully be sending the next one along too!“

“This is Zac's 2nd year at Clarkston Nursery and he absolutely loves it. He attends 3 days a week and is in for the full day on Thursday. He looks forward to going and when I tell him it's nursery time he punches the air and gives me a 'yes!'. For a mum that is all I ask and is evidence enough that he feels safe and loves the nursery environment at Clarkston Nursery. All the ladies are lovely and so friendly and Marie Doohan was amazing in helping to settle Zac in when he first started. Believe it or not he was one of the ones that cried when he had to leave his mum!

Maureen, the manager, is amazing too and encourages a warming community for the parents as well as actively pushing through what she believes is right for the parents and children. I am so happy with the nursery and can't believe how much Zac has learned. I thought he would just be running about playing all day with no structure but it is unbelievable how the nursery get the children involved in activities and fun that helps them to learn too. Zac still talks about all the planets, which one is his favourite, and that we live on Earth! Impressive for a 3 year old!

If you are considering the nursery I wouldn't look any further than Clarkston Nursery. I can't speak highly enough of the nursery, how well it is run, how happy I am, and most importantly how happy Zac is in the nursery.”

“Clarkston Nursery is such a caring and nurturing environment. You are always listened to & every effort is made to ensure that your child & their family feel they are a part of everything. My favourite activity was Sports Day as it was great seeing the kids, staff & parents all having a part in their child's learning. The staff work as a real team & are all interested in your child. It is a happy place to be.”